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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Papua Arabica and Papua Robusta: Arabica is more Familiar

According to Selion Karoba, the chair of Koperasi Serba Usaha Baliem Arabica (Bailem Arabica Cooperative), western half of New Guinea (Papua and Papua Barat provinces of Indonesia) is more familiar with Arabica coffee.

Karoba notes
Papuan people know coffee is arabica. Even they will call coffee equals to arabica, and when you give them a robusta coffee, they will say, this arabica coffee is called robusta. Coffee is not separated from Arabica in the understanding of all Papuans.
When asked about whether or not this part of the world has some Robusta Coffee plantation, Karoba says that there are some Robusta Coffee trees around, but we cannot categorize them as plantation, because there are only a few trees around. For example, we can see robusta coffee trees around the Baliem Blue Coffee Warehouse in Kampung Harapan, Sentani Timur, Jayapura, Papua Province.

Theese Robusta Coffee trees were planted by the Kampung Harapan Agriculture Vocational School (SPMA Kampung Harapan) just as samples for teaching the students. They also have some coco trees in the same areas.

Karoba says,
There is also a need for Robusta Coffee plantation, but we need to properly manage arabica business and expand more into the highlands, before even thinking about robusta coffee. We need to optimize outcome of what we have first before talking about what we do not have right now. 
Robusta Coffee is not that familiar. Arabica coffee is familiar all around the Isle of New Guinea.

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